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The group

A love story between man and his region

Emilia Wine wine-growers work with passion, love and respect. This is the only way they can enhance the pureness of nature’s fruits and create fine wines that embody the inextricable link between man and his land.

Excellence from vineyard to bottle

Our wines and lambruscos are the natural product of an authentic land: select bunches of grapes from the flourishing region of Reggio Emilia produce enjoyable wines with the right balance between tradition and modernity.


United by a dream of land and tradition

The Emilia Wine Group was created from the union between three long-standing wineries in the region of Reggio Emilia: the Arceto winery, the Correggio winery and the Prato di Correggio winery. Sharing the same passion for their region and a common desire to uphold and protect its traditions, the founders created a wine-growing cooperative with 726 shareholders who work over 1500 hectares of vineyard growing in a bountiful land that gently stretches from the Via Aemilia to the Apennines, surrounded by the Secchia and Enza Rivers.

The bridge and the triangle

If while travelling along the A1 motorway, you pass Reggio Emilia, you will surely notice a beautiful bridge designed by the famous Spanish architect, Calatrava. Our logo was inspired by this very bridge: a dynamic symbol of a region on the move, a unique and identifiable piece of architecture.
However, our decision goes beyond architecture. In fact, we also chose this bridge for its symbolic meaning of uniting two sides. For us, it represents the union between our three wineries, who chose to work together, as well as the union between people and the land, which listens to us and rewards us if we look after it.

You will often see a triangular shape popping up on the new website. This triangle represents the form created by the union between our three wineries, but it also represents the process of turning what we get from the land into something more complex and structured, the same process which turns a young bunch of grapes into an excellent glass of wine. The same bunch of grapes which you will see with the upside-down triangle we started from.


– Carlo Guttadauro –

Le cantine

The Region

Due to its special geographical shape, ever since Roman times, Emilia has been a region used for growing vines and producing the perfect varieties for making wine.
The 1500 hectares of vineyard belonging to the Emilia Wine consortium stretch across a vast region ranging from the Correggio, San Martino and Rubiera plains up to the Reggio Emilia hillside of Arceto, Scandiano and Casalgrande.

This region has a particularly favourable climate: characterised by a perfect temperature range and the right amount of rainfall typical of an area located between the Po River and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

A grape for every soil

The soil in the plains, which is naturally cool and clayey, is good for making Ancellotta and Lambrusco. While in the drier, sunnier soil on the hillside, you can also grow white grape varieties like Spergola, Malvasia and Sauvignon.